We work together with organizations as smart partnership in providing hands on solutions to help solve day to day business challenges and provides audit, tax, financial advisory, accountancy, payroll accounting and management consultancy to wide range of clients from different sector !

Our Values

Who we are: People who demonstrate integrity, respect, professionalism and who believe in Team work.

Our values define who we are. They are the foundation for our budding Organisation. They guide our actions and behaviour. They influence the way we work with each other – and the way we serve our clients and engage with our communities.

Dishtayate as the meaning of its name ,' Proceed towards your Goal' is proceeding towards its goal of building a collaborative , sound and strong working environment with our strong values in place which not just guide in our path but also help us and contribute our decision making process and the way we work as a team inside and out of Dishtayate.

Leadership And Human Capital

We are a globally integrated Organization in terms of mission, vision and strategy.

We encourage diversity of views in our staff, cross fertilization through inter-division discussions, meetings, information sharing and continuous training to help our clients and people exceed.

Our team include experts from different industries and background who together to provide the Company with the best suited and customized solutions.

Dishtayate Advisor Private Limited is managed by Mr. Naveen Gupta who is a Chartered Accountant along with a team of professionals from different fields and expertise.

Our human resource strategy is to develop and deploy best capabilities in each of the service area. We are continuously increasing our human resource capital and bringing experts and fresh talent together for an accelerated growth.

Directors/ Managing members

  • CA Naveen Gupta
  • CA Vishu Bhatia
  • CA Gaurav Singh
Advisory Board Members
  • CS Amit Kumar Gupta
  • Mr. Saurabh Vats
  • Mr. Balaji Govindarajan
  • CS .Kapil Kaushik
  • CA. Kapil Gupta

Our Approach

Our client segments might be different ( Corporates, Non Government Organisations, Entrepreneurs ) , their needs and requirements may be different but our approach to provide each and every one of our client with the best and customised service solution is the same.

The approach which begins with the understanding of our client and his business and ends up we becoming the integral member of his team for the everlasting and continued relationship.

We believe in building a relationship of a team member with our clients not that of a consultant and that in particular defines our approach and also keep us on track towards our goal for a mutual growth and development.

Through out Dishtayate, we follow a 'VALLUE ADDITION' approach, we believe that whatsoever service we may be providing , it should add quality value in our client's business and operations.

We have designed our 'Client Service Standards' to ensure that we fulfill our professional responsibilities to the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

These rigorous set of client service standards are followed throughout our Company to ensure best quality service to all our clients.

  • Determine on each engagement, who our clients are and directly ascertain their expectations for our performance.
  • Analyze client’s need and professional service requirements.
  • Develop client service plan that will enable us to fulfill our professional responsibilities, in a timely and effective manner.<
  • Establish effective communication both internal and external , to enhance client perceptions of the value and quality of our service.
  • Obtain from our clients, formally or informally, a regular assessment of our performance.
  • Receive fees that reflect the value of services and responsibilities assumed and are considered fair and reasonable by our clients.
Our People And Culture

Dishtayate is committed to a progressive work environment that leverages the diversity of all our people. Dishtayate's inclusion initiative helps us understand, appreciate, and address the perspectives and needs of all personnel, clients, and those we impact through the communities in which we work.

We support diversity and inclusion by fostering dynamic teams and an inclusive work environment where innovative thinking is encouraged and leads to creative solutions that meet our clients’ needs. We recognize that to deliver valuable solutions for our clients, we need an increasingly diverse work force. As a result, inclusion has become one of our company wide priorities.

Dishtayate strives to be inclusive by involving all personnel – regardless of gender, religion, race, ethnicity, culture, language, education, geographic location, color, sexual orientation, national origin, age, physical ability level, experience, opinions, beliefs, or thoughts – in the activities and life of the organization so everyone feels respected, valued, and capable of performing their best work.

At Dishtayate, diversity and inclusion are built upon the concept of shared thoughts and feelings , which is the collaboration of differences to achieve greater value.

Collaborative Growth is our central focus
A diverse work force enhances the creativity and innovative thinking that is fundamental to Dishtayate's success. Building our diversity initiative upon the basis of 'Collaborative Growth' and shared thoughts furthers our understanding of the needs of our people, our clients, and our communities, leading to a competitive advantage as we compete for talent, move to new markets, seek out new clients, and expand our geographic footprint.

Under the umbrella of inclusion are a number of retention-building programs for all our people. These programs target a variety of different areas and include professional development, awareness building, recruitment, and external relationship building within our local communities.

Our People culture is built around following two pillars:

It is to make sure that every team member of Dishtayate feels a part of its journey of growth. Every member is included to feel free to share his thoughts, feelings . It is the shared thoughts and vision which is contributing to the development and growth of Dishtayate. It is our utmost priority to create an environment of inclusiveness at all levels to make Dishtayate a team of equally enthusiast ad motivated people.

We understand that each and every individual in whatsoever capacity or role he may be in plays a very crucial role in the development of Dishtayate. So, it is the responsibility of Dishtayate to ensure that each and every team member in pursuit of taking Dishtayate to new heights is not keeping aside his own self growth and development .

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is integral to our business strategy, our values and our day-to-day operations. It’s how we understand our impact on the world around us, and it's the sum total of our actions.

It’s our role in creating a sustainable context — in other words, a thriving community able to protect its environment, educate its children and become prosperous by fostering innovation and generating new businesses.

The communities around us have a profound impact on our growth and we are equally responsible to contribute in its development.

Dishtayate in collaboration with a budding Non Profit Organisation ' UDGS Foundation' is actively involved through its members contributing in two flagship programs of UDGS which are:

Today, 1.2 billion adolescents stand at the crossroads between childhood and the adult world. Around 243 million of them live in India. As they stand at these crossroads, so do societies at large – the crossroads between losing out on the potential of a generation or nurturing them to transform society (unicef press release: http://unicef.in/PressReleases/87/Adolescence-An-Age-of-Opportunity) .

As adolescents flourish, so do their communities, and all of us have a collective responsibility in ensuring that adolescence does in fact become an age of opportunity

Under Express and lead, UDGS is committed to reach and work with the adolescents in all possible ways to make them realize their true self and inculcate the values and spirit to be a better citizen and contribute in the development of self and the society.

UDGS reaches its target beneficiaries by collaborating with different schools, colleges, child homes etc and conduct personality development, social awareness and educational workshops in more of a entertaining and collaborative learning way.

For more details on the project, please visit www.udgs.org

Thus by 2020, India is set to become the world’s youngest country with 64 per cent of its population in the working age group.

The above facts undoubtedly presents the enormous potential and future prospects India has. In coming years , India will undoubtedly surpass many countries in terms of economic growth but what about the quality of life of the people of India. Whether being called as economic power in itself a soothing factor for the people to feel happy and satisfied.

Is the today's generation in the pursuit of progressing economically compromising on their own happiness and feelings, well at least facts tell you that this s true.

According to the The World Happiness Report 2016 published by Sustainable Development Solutions Network ( SDSN) , a global initiative of the United Nations, India ranked 118th in the list and was among the group of 10 countries witnessing the biggest happiness declines, along with Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Egypt , Yeman and Botswana.

Isn't the two statistics given above present a contrary picture, At one side, we are heading towards becoming the youngest country with more than 64% of our population in the working age group but on other side we rank in bottom ten in terms of happiness .

UDGS through 'Unfold Yourself' is up against this sadness, loneliness which is stopping us to laugh, live and which create an unwanted boundary around us . We are up for creating some lovely moments of joy, happiness, experience sharing and creativity for our working youth to fuse some more excitement and energy in their lives.

Under Unfold Yourself following five activities are used for achieving the objective of the project.

  • Theatre
  • Theatre impromptu
  • Story Creating
  • Story Telling
  • Creative Visualisation

For more details on the project, please visit www.udgs.org


We work with all three prime segments in which we can categorize our entire working environment:


Non Government Organisation


All these three segments have their own working environment and requirements. We have designed our solutions keeping in mind the working environment of each of these segment so as to provide our clients with best and customized service experience.

Corporate Responsibility

Our Consulting Solutions can be classified into following three categories:

  • 1. Finance Function Services
  • 2. Business Support Services
  • 3. Audit and Assurance/Assessment Services

Whether it is a Corporate, Non Corporate or a Non Government Organisation, Finance Department or function in any business setting is expected to perform following key responsibilities:

  • 1. Book Keeping ( Accounting )
  • 2. Compliance Function ( Regulatory, Statutory)
  • 3. Management and Control ( Management Information System, Internal financial controls )
  • Strategy and Risk Management
  • Funding

At Dishtayate, under our umbrella of consultancy solutions we provide solutions to each of the five above mentioned components of finance individually and also as a package as per the requirement of the client.

Audit and Assurance/Assessment Services :

Whether it is a profit or a non profit Organisation , there is always a need of regular assessment of functions, operations, reporting systems to with the purpose of monitoring and improvement.

At Dishtayate, we offer wide range of services under our Assurance and Assessment function with the vision of sharing our contribution in the journey of growth and improved performance of our clients.

Our Assurance and Assessment function includes following key service lines:

  • 1. Internal Assessments
  • 2. Structural Audit and Reengineering
  • 3. Management Audit
  • 4. Ethical Audit
  • 5. Social Audit
  • 6. Social Impact of CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility )

Through out Dishtayate, we follow a 'VALLUE ADDITION' approach, we believe that whatsoever service we may be providing , it should add quality value in our client's business and operations.

Financial Management is an essential element of running any business Organisation whether Corporate or non Corporate and an effective financial management can be achieved if all the team members of the Organisation understand its importance and at the same time equipped with necessary knowledge and skills.

Dishtayate has developed a unique approach that builds the financial capacity of our clients whether . It provides the people on the ground with the financial management skills and follow-up support to confidently lead their organisations and implement their projects effectively and efficiently.

It starts by establishing a benchmark of financial management and organisational governance for the organisation. This enables us to provide targeted support through a combination of training and direct support.

Under our Capacity enhancement division, we provide customised learning solutions for Corporates , Non Corporates, Non Government Organisations keeping in to consideration their relevant business and working requirements and environment.

We have a four step procedure which help us deliver the best of learning and capacity building solutions to our clients for their long term benefit and team strengthening.

  • Information Gathering
  • On-site Need Assessment Visit
  • Delivering Capacity Building Workshops
  • Progress Review

The four key stages:
i. Information gathering
i. Information gathering

ii. On-site needs assessment visit
The visit should include a meeting with the staff for each partner organisation. It is important at this point for the Consultant to meet with a range of staff to ensure that a rounded organisational view is developed and to support the process of better integration of finance between all staff.

Dishtayate's consultants/trainers are experts in NGO finance management and highly experienced at working with local NGO partners.

Dishtayate's consultants/trainers are experts in NGO finance management and highly experienced at working with local NGO partners.

Deployment of our assessment framework for use with NGOs of all types and sizes.
The outcome would be a brief report highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of current systems and a practical action plan for capacity building improvements where necessary, including training, workshops and mentoring support.

Deliver Capacity building programme
Based on the needs identified during the information gathering and on-site assessment stages, we then design and deliver appropriate capacity building solutions. Examples of the types of capacity building support we can provide are:

One-to-one consultancy support to bridge specific capacity gaps identified, for example for the assessment of compliance with donor requirements or the review and development of grant management systems, or the development of financial procedure manuals.

Participation on one of our acclaimed training courses, such as our flagship “Practical Financial management for NGOs – Getting the Basics Right”. Our training can be accessed in two ways: as a bespoke event for your staff or attendance on one of our open courses held regularly in key locations around the globe

Progress review.
Follow on support is a key element of the capacity building process. This will ensure that learning from the capacity building activities is translated into practical action in each organisation and to realise the benefits of any planned changes identified.

These are just a small example of the wide array of proven services available from Mango. Every NGO is different and we have the experience and capabilities to tailor the right combination of elements to address your capacity-building requirements.


Dishtayate Advisor Private Limited is one of the youngest and emerging financial consultancy and training solutions provider Company in India.

We work together with organizations as smart partnership in providing hands on solutions to help solve day to day business challenges and provides audit, tax, financial advisory, accountancy, payroll accounting and management consultancy to wide range of clients from different sector.


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