Our purpose and commitment towards our clients which is our Company's foundation stone reflects in its name, DISHTAYATE. We believe in building strong roots and foundation for our clients !

Communications Building

What do you remember about a person the most? There can be multiple answers to this. But in reality, most of us remember the way a person interacts with us. The way a person communicates, whether in writing or face-to- face, leaves and everlasting impression on everyone.

Just like any other trait or skill, the communication skills of a person can be improved through continuous efforts and perseverance. However, this crucial aspect of your personality is often ignored due to other important commitments. Communication process includes everything that helps a person to pass on his message clearly and effectively to the receiver by using concise words and by choosing the best means.

Dishtayate understands the role of communication in your overall career progression. There can be an employee or a group of employees working in your organization, who are committed and full of zeal. However, they lack something which is restraining them to go to the next level. As a corporate entity, you do understand the importance of grooming the employees by providing them with the best possible traits.

As a corporate organization, you have come to the right place if you’re looking to improve the communication skills: from the interpersonal and presentation skills to the professional writing techniques. Dishtayate has a solution for every communication-related hassle your organization might be facing.

Dishtayate’s experienced team and comprehensive courses and seminars will help you in ensuring that your team develops an engaging communication style. It will not only help your staff to groom, but also will ensure that your business gets the much-needed competitive advantage over the rivals.

Entrepreneurship Building

Is it possible for your business idea to grow into a corporate juggernaut?

The answer is a big yes! However, you need one skill that differentiates the winners from the ordinary businesses: the skill known as entrepreneurship. However, can a trait like entrepreneurship developed through training and guidance? Again, the answer is yes! At Dishtayate, we believe in collaborating with your business idea, considering it ours. Entrepreneurship Building is a systematic process by which the innovative businessperson inside you can be nurtured to become a corporate success story. The salient features of the entrepreneurship building service include:

  • Recognizing opportunities in core business areas
  • Determining the feasibility of your business idea
  • Assisting and conducting market research
  • Managing marketing strategies
  • Internal control management
  • Compliance Management

Ideas are nothing without a proper execution. With our entrepreneurship building services, your ideas will get new dynamics. We understand the potential of a business idea and provide only the right advice to the clients that help them in the implementation of the business plan.

From idea to execution, Dishtayate team is always with you to support you to overcome any obstacles in your entrepreneurship journey. The ease of doing business in the twenty-first century has increased a lot compared to any time before. However, it brings along another set of unprecedented challenges for an entrepreneur to successfully run a business in a highly competitive environment.

From management to compliance, from marketing to finance, the Dishtayate team is always around to help you in running the business successfully and effectively. No other consulting firm has such a comprehensive range of services for the young entrepreneurs.

Financial Procedures

Financial Procedures, Regulations and Compliances Services

The Dishtayate team understands how difficult it is for you to generate business and how challenging it is for a businessman to take care of the functional issues faced by the organization on a daily basis. With that in mind, it is rather unfair for you to worry about the procedural and regulatory issues when Dishtayate is around to take care of all your worries.

Dishtayate, through its experienced workforce, provides financial procedures, regulations, and compliance services to a varied range of clients. The procedures services include the provision of a guide to the client in regards to the best practices in compliance and financial administration.

We take care of various mandatory rules and framework related to the financial activities, which your business organization is expected to adhere with. The services can be broadly divided into:

  • Taxation-related (Direct and Indirect Tax) Services
  • Cash handling and Working Capital Management Services
  • Reporting and Auditing Services
  • Statutory Filings Services

In regards to corporate clients, there are a large number of laws and statutes, which a company needs to follow. The regulations are dynamic in nature, and hence it is imperative that your compliance management is done by a team of professionals who are well-updated and informed about the latest changes in the statutory compliances.

From Companies Act, 2013 to SEBI regulations, all corporate and labour law related compliance solutions are offered by Dishtayate’s team of experienced professionals. The Dishtayate team believes in collaborative development and growth of your business. We understand the importance of internal control in a business, and hence our team of experts can carry out an internal audit to let you know about the most crucial areas that require professional attention.

Leadership Training

There is an old saying: “Leaders are born not made”
Then there is another old saying: “Practice makes a man perfect”

The two sayings are extremely different from each other. It, however, depends on you which side you want to be. Do you want to be a follower by letting the world tell you that you are not ‘born’ as a leader? Alternatively, would you like to learn the leadership skills as it has been proven time and time over that it is a truly learnable skill!.

Dishtayate helps you to learn a simple yet most powerful trait that will help you to carve a niche in your respective field. We provide you with the insights, which can help you to stop managing the staff or resources, and become a leader. It is a proven fact that a good manager might not be a good leader.

Our learning tools will help you in development of:

  • Mastering problem analysis and decision-making
  • Effectively communicating organizational changes
  • Improving the listening skills
  • Recognizing team success with enthusiasm
  • Learn how to delegate
  • Become a manager with an empathetic outlook

The corporate world needs leaders. One of the major advantages of attending the Dishtayate leadership training modules is the fact that our team of experts know the biggest roadblocks in development of the leaders and how they can be overcome.

Dishtayate has tailor-made and customized solutions based on the leadership styles of individuals. Our goal is to give your organization a leader who has the ability to resolve the problems quickly and take the business to greater heights. The leadership training programs are crafted by industrial leaders having enormous experience in leading distinct and diverse teams.

Soft Skills Training

Let us disclose something you already might know: your hard skills are worthless without soft skills. You can be a Chartered Accountant, Engineer, or a Doctor. You might have all the accolades and academic excellence against your name, but whilst facing the real world, it is your soft skills that make you stand out of the crowd.

One might wonder which skill is harder to learn: soft or hard. People generally have divided opinion on this particular question. However, in reality, the hard skills can be learnt and degrees can be earned by passing examinations that have repeated patterns and monotonous procedures of gaining knowledge. Nothing to undermine the hard skills, but learning them is much easier than the soft skills.

Dishtayate helps you in learning the toughest skill in the easiest way possible. Our team of experts have the ability to ensure that you develop the internal thought process and give up the hesitation that is stopping you from communicating freely and purposefully with the rest of the world. Our training include the following:

  • Communication skills training
  • Anger management training
  • Team skills training
  • E-mail etiquette training
  • Negotiation skills training
  • Behavioural traits such as time management, stress management etc. training

To get a job, to get promotions or to do well in your business, you need certain traits and skills. Doctors should know how to diagnose a disease, the secretaries should have typing skills, and an accountant should be certified. These are the skills, which can be learnt with hard work and perseverance.

Dishtayate helps you to work on your soft skills and manages an integrated program to improve them. It is something, which is worked upon once, and stays with you for rest of your life.

Team Building Training

What makes football most viewed game in the world? What do we love about the game of cricket? What excites us about anything that requires coordinated efforts and perseverance from the members? The answer to all the questions is same: the team bonding.

Forget about groups or organizational hierarchy. The employees are going to work effectively and efficiently only when they feel as a part of something and know exactly what their role is.

The talks and discussions about the importance of team building might all sound similar and quite generic. However, the training solutions offered by Dishtayate ensures that your organization’s employees will walk in as different individuals, and will walk out as one big family.

Some of the most crucial results achieved by the team building exercises and training offered by Dishtayate includes:

  • Team bonding and having high levels of energy post-training
  • Generating the ability to manage pressure and deal with issues
  • Understanding the importance of coordination and cooperation among the team members
  • Facing and not avoiding the conflicts between team members
  • Building trust among team members
  • Understanding the importance of commitment and accountability
  • Understanding the importance of taking ownership of the work

As an organization, there is no way out but to develop team spirit among the employees. Just imagine if your employees take away all of the above-mentioned outcomes from the training and its relative impact on the overall working of your company.

Dishtayate focusses on unearthing the hidden trust and leadership skills among the employees, which eventually leads to better relationship and better survival skills for the employees. The onsite course will indeed help in making a huge difference to your daily people management skills.


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