Communications Building Training

NGO’s are driven by the passion to make a difference. Out of the different challenges that an NGO might face, the biggest challenge is to convey the intentions and messages of the organization effectively.

Dishtayate’s core team has been associated with a number of NGO’s. It would be rather bold to state, but we can easily suggest that no other training and development entity understands the working and functional challenges of an NGO better than Dishtayate. We understand how crucial is communication development (both written and oral), for the long-term achievement of an NGO’s goal.

Dishtayate is aware of the financial constraints faced by the NGO’s. Being a responsible business, we never impose anything on the partners, rather, we align with the objectives of our clients. Our clients, the NGO’s in this case, need to rest assured about having a partner that has the ability to collaboratively work for attaining the objectives.

Our sessions and training will include both written (emails, letters, memos, and notices) and oral communication training that will help the NGO’s to eliminate the hurdle between them and their long-term commitments.

The sessions are designed by the experts in the industry having an immense amount of experience of working with the NGO’s. The training processes are simple and concise. Our effort is to ensure that the NGO can not only improve the communication skills of the members but can also help the stakeholders and its target audience in learning this simple yet most crucial tactic that will help them to move to the next level.

Entrepreneurship Building Training

Entrepreneurship Building: NGO’s

Entrepreneurship and the urge to make a difference in the society go hand in hand

Entrepreneurs are driven by passion. The entrepreneurs have an idea to introduce a product or service to the society which can help them in making a difference. The entrepreneurs are stubborn and there are hardly any obstacles which can stop them in following their passion.

For any NGO, development of entrepreneurship skill is extremely important. The NGO’s need one skill that differentiates the winners from the ordinary businesses: the skill known as entrepreneurship. However, can a trait like entrepreneurship developed through training and guidance? Again, the answer is yes

The collaboration of entrepreneurship with NGO’s is a recipe for success. Not many training enterprises besides Dishtayate have recognized this partnership. We at Dishtayate, believe that the efforts of NGO’s need to be pooled and combined to achieve something extra ordinary.

Our entrepreneurship development training course has the following features:

  • Services related to fundamentals of entrepreneurship
  • Approaching the fundraising like an entrepreneur
  • Assisting and conducting market research
  • Internal control management
  • Compliance Management

Dishtayate salutes the NGO’s for the noble causes for which they are fighting. To make the journey of the NGO’s a little bit easier, Dishtayate is your friendly co-passenger that will help you in reaching the destination.

Leadership Training

NGO’s do the work of the leaders by spearheading social initiatives

The NGO’s don’t often remain the limelight but silently carry out their work. The society expects a lot from the NGO’s since these organizations are the silent crusaders who work for the people without expecting anything in return.

The NGO’s have the qualities of being the leaders which the society needs and deserves. Dishtayate, owing to its rich experience of working with some of the most dedicated NGO’s, know how important it is for them to develop the leadership traits.

Our tools and courses are specially crafted for the NGO’s by keeping a view of the biggest challenges faced by such organizations. The salient features include:

  • Understanding difference in managing and leading
  • Mastering problem analysis and decision-making
  • Effectively communicating organizational changes
  • Improving the listening skills
  • Learn how to delegate
  • Become a manager with an empathetic outlook

You cannot make a difference without leading a group of people. When money and profits are not the motivation to do something, the charisma of a leader can help the organization in attaining the long-term objectives. Our leadership training will help the NGO’s in creating a shift in the thought process.

Dishtayate is your partner in achieving the social objectives. When you will lead, the followers will follow the suit, and the feeling of philanthropy and social responsibility will reach to different sections of the society. A leading NGO is a boon for the society and that is exactly what we aim for.

Soft Skills Training

The work of an NGO can be really tough at times. From dealing with the government departments to finding the funds for a new endeavour, the type of jobs that an NGO has to complete are diverse and challenging, to say the least.

Your hard skills like accounting, law, engineering, and drafting will, of course, help you in carrying out the day to day activities. However, there is something that will help you in every aspect whilst managing the NGO: your soft skills.

Development of soft skills is necessary for an NGO since the organization has to deal with numerous bodies and individuals on a daily basis. Soft skills not only include the communications development but a large skillset that includes the following:

  • Communication skills training
  • Anger management training
  • Team skills training
  • E-mail etiquette training
  • Negotiation skills training
  • Behavioural traits such as time management, stress management etc. training

An NGO cannot afford to lose any opportunity to serve the society owing to the poor soft skills of the owners or the managers. Dishtayate has therefore brought together some of the finest soft skills experts, who can not only help your NGO to improve on this fundamental skill but will also align with you in attaining the long-term objectives of the organization.

Team Building Trainings

If there is one type of organization that requires team building training the most, it is the NGO’s. The reason for that is simple: the NGO’s bring together diverse people from distinct backgrounds together for achieving the social causes. Disputes and conflicts between the members of the NGO’s and even with the stakeholders of the NGO’s is quite common or rather indispensable.

Building a team that really trusts each other and works as a large family is, therefore, the dream of a number of NGO’s. Dishtayate is your ally in ensuring that the team building process is much swifter and attainable as you can ever think.

Our training methods are especially designed for the NGO’s and help you in achieving the following targets:

  • Finding the problem areas in team building
  • Trust-building exercises
  • Making the members feel their importance in the NGO
  • Problem solving and dispute management

For ensuring the long-term success of the NGO, it is imperative that it is run by a team of enthusiastic members. The team building training will not help you in diffusing the pressure of daily work, but will help in creating an everlasting bond between the participants.

As per one of the NGO owners, who had recently undertaken the Dishtayate training:

“We entered the training as participants, but the time the training was over, we were one large family”

With this commitment in mind, Dishtayate calls the NGO’s to collaborate with us and let us help you in building successful teams.


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